bad siding

I know, I know – the location for these photos is terrible. But that’s just where I happened to be, and had to post because I’m in love with this new sweater. It continues to be a rainy and dark week (daylight savings, usually I despise you – but I’m ready for you to show up any day now). Weather may be most universally wardrobe defining influences – sweaters and baggy jeans here we all come. And do pardon my lazy hair day.

2014 1012 bad siding 04

photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sweater:SIONI | jeans:LEVI’S | boots:BACIO61

2014 1012 bad siding 052014 1012 bad siding 062014 1012 bad siding 082014 1012 bad siding 102014 1012 bad siding 11


    1. hey Julialinn… thank you so much. sadly i don’t have a site up dedicated to my graphic work, as the combo of full-time employment plus several contract jobs keep me on the run (and now i started a blog… brilliant) lol but my primary job is working for a shoe company. you can check out a few of the brand pages below for which i do the graphics, photography, etc.

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