edge of darkness

I seriously need to start buying other colors besides black… but let’s be honest, the next time you find that perfectly cut sweater of your dreams and decide to mix it up, it’s going to sit stuffed in the corner of forgottens, and you’re going to be wishing it WAS black. Ok, white, grey, and nude are also fabulous choices, but who wants to look like a bag of skittles coated in care-bear puke. (that was a bit dramatic and gross, sorry)

Neutrals are just the best, that’s all I’m saying. This Thursday’s post are a few photos from a MADELiNE Shoes photoshoot I had the pleasure of being involved in, as a part of my work. I don’t model for MADELiNE, usually just coordinate the shoots (hence my face chopped off in most of these). But sometimes in a pinch, we’ll take any size 6.0 that comes our way – this day happened to be me.

What else I’m wearing (and yes, in case you were wondering, I do get to keep the clothes from the shoot as well) LOVE MY JOB. Wearing Front Row Shop blazer over an ASOS printed T. The jeans were actually already mine, a very, very worn in pair of GAP 1969’s… old as in these babies used to be black. But what I’m really proud of is my mani (which I did myself) so check out the detail photos! xoxo

2014 0423 edge of darkness 01

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | jacket:FRONT ROW SHOP | shirt:ASOS | jeans:GAP | shoes:MADELiNE

2014 0423 edge of darkness 032014 0423 edge of darkness 042014 0423 edge of darkness 06 2014 0423 edge of darkness 05    2014 0423 edge of darkness 08


  1. I love black, it’s a great classic staple colour (navy is a personal favourite of mine too). You are right, you can rarely go wrong with it. Your comment on the Care Bear puke make me chuckle though!
    Props on the mani too, bravo.

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