culottes and cake

Accessories are the icing on the cake. And cake without icing is basically just bread… so yeah – it’s a must.

Feeling especially chic thanks to net-a-porter and fjord timepieces. If you think you can’t afford quality accessories, put those few shopping dollars in a jar the next few times you’re tempted to shop, and save up for something special that will last years. It’s worth the investment. #qualityoverquantity

Oh and remember when only the homeschooled kids were wearing culottes and it was supper weird and awkward when you were playing in the park with all the cool kids wearing jeans? #personallifestory Well they’re back! And I couldn’t be loving it more. They’re a chic minimal piece that also plays off of the normcore trend with the anti-fashion league. Plus, if you get the knit versions like me, it’s basically like sweatpants made socially acceptable. Click the links below to shop (sorry the culottes just sold out, but there are similar!)

2015 0214 the row 02

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | culottes:ZARA | mules:NICOLE | bag:COLAB | shades:THE ROW | timepiece c/o:FJORD TIMEPIECES

2015 0214 the row 03
2015 0214 the row 04
2015 0214 the row 05
2015 0214 the row 06
2015 0214 the row 072015 0214 the row 08

Especially excited to be sporting this fjord timepiece in it’s black mesh glory. Definitely going to be a staple in my wardrobe of 90% monochrome black. Plus the minimal, milk white packaging makes my heart melt. Here’s to you fjord, thank you for crafting such an elegant piece.


    1. thank you dear friend. and agreed, they’re definitely super feminine. though i’m not going to lie… i really did used to hate them growing up. i guess it’s all about a new way of wearing them (that or i’m getting old… i prefer the previous!)

      1. I remember girls used to hate them too when I was younger. For me they were perplexing, I could never decide if they were trousers or a skirt. I couldn’t comprehend the fact they could be something in between.
        Definitely is about finding a new way to wear them! xx

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