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A monochrome palette for weekday inspirations. Setting the mood for a week of calm after returning from the rush of NYC. Shifting trinkets around, sliding fingers over the smooth marble and crystal textures of a new Felony Case collection, glancing quickly at the pages of a dated magazine – yet the classics never go out of style.
monochrome marbledavid lerner monday monochrome

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | iphone marble case collection c/o:FELONY CASE | marble handbag c/o:CAFUNE | timepiece c/o:HARPER AND BROOKS | monochrome loungewear top c/o:DAVID LERNER | monochrome laceup pant c/o:DAVID LERNER | diamond stack rings c/o:K’DANGELO

Happy Monday friends, we’ve made it to the start of a new week. A subtle gloom lingers outdoors from the shadow of summer’s rain, but the mood indoors feels less than somber, enjoying today working from home. The softest luxury sweats, playful tunes, and a spirit peaceful – yet eager to start the new day. It’s truly the simple pleasures… appreciating the beauty in details, the feeling of softness on your skin, knowing that you’re in control of today’s destiny.

Somehow Monday’s reputation evades me… It starts with coffee as all good days should, and what may be mundane by the end of the week actually feels invigorating at the week’s first beginnings. Checking of the list with confidence that nothing could possibly slow this week down.

felony case marble iphone casesfelony case collection

Stay positive, today is the day to start over. Yesterday’s failures count for nothing. Today can be the day the tables turn, the day you meet your goals, a day you do it right, a Monday. You got this. #MondayMotivation


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